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Image courtesy of RPM Vandex


RPM Belgium Vandex is specialised in development, manufacturing and sales of sustainable high performance polymeric and cement-based products.  Specifically, they offer innovative waterproofing, protection and repair solutions for various constructions and sectors, such as industrial floors, roofs, balconies, terraces, stadiums, parking structures, bridges, tunnels, sewage treatment plants, structures in contact with potable water, foundations and below grade waterproofing and so much more.  

The group RPM Belgium Vandex was formed by the joining of several leading companies that develop, produce and sell high performance polymeric and cementitious based products.  Recently, RPM Belgium Vandex has strengthened its collaboration with sister companies, such as Tremco-Illbruck, Flowcrete, and Dryvit, to offer an even larger range of solutions to the construction industry.

RPM Vandex
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